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Professional Engine and Gearbox Suppliers to the Automotive Industry

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Formaz Parts Plus

Dismantling motor vehicles hand picked from Insurance companies

Vehicles chosen for dismantling are of the highest comprehensive insurance stock

Our aim is to provide both you and I with peace of mind , knowing you are getting the best possible product , with this in mind , I have no troubles in you wanting to buy my car parts

Your need for a replacement engine or replacement gearbox for your motor vehicle is our priority


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Mazda Parts , Mazda auto , Mazda Engine , Mazda Gearbox is what we started from

Ford Parts , Ford auto , Ford Engine , Ford Gearbox is also what we started from

Engines and Gearboxes for All Motor Vehicles are now our speciality at Formaz Parts Plus delivering Australia Wide to our customer , you are our priority









Formaz Parts Plus supply Engines and Gearboxes Australia wide for mechanical workshops and their customers cars , even if you are fitting the part yourself ,we have you covered

Warranty cover is our own warranty not a warranty cover company

Delivery of your newly purchased product can be arranged direct to your door .

Formaz Parts Plus are setting the industry standards , with customer satisfaction high on our list.

You too can join the growing list of people who have chosen to refit one of our products to their car and gain a new lease of life.Feel safe knowing Formaz Parts Plus have warranty to look after your investment.

The savings between buying a new part and a secondhand part can be a 50 percent reduction.

Parts that are recycled for reuse have been checked and tested to ensure you are getting good value for money.The price of repairing your current car as opposed to purchasing a new car will mean that you save thousands of dollars .